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I had a feeling about it – A gut instinct


Many a times, we always have a “This is it” feeling, a gut instinct. And often it works out. We are unaware of the reasons behind our gut instincts. They are felt at once.

Instincts are not something in our brain; they are some feelings. In fact, instincts play tricks in our intelligent brain making us cautious on some unfamiliar things, making us conscious on the environment.

They can’t be called as some random thoughts; instead they are some scientific feelers.  It’s actually, every cell in our body thinking alike and working together.

“List every time your gut instinct helped you.” I read somewhere like this. Sounds good, no?

So how do you exercise your intuitive senses to make it sharper?

How do you decide which gut instincts to believe, supporting your feelings with facts?

Author: Akhila

Akhila is a plant-woman breathing poetries, a self motivated life long learner decoding signs from the universe and a blogger bleeding out all the intoxicated imperfections of her soul through words. Her works have been featured in several online publications and anthologies. She is the founder and sole contributor of wordsandnotion and qualitynotion.

64 thoughts on “I had a feeling about it – A gut instinct

  1. I like to refer to my gut instinct as my “God Conscious” – it has never steered me wrong when I have listened to it.

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  2. Two negatives become a positive..😉

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  3. Marvelous questions at the end, worth giving them some thought

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  4. wow….collective working of cells when panic button is on…gut feeling

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  5. I trust the guts when I am confident enough. For example,if I have a doubt about something I would give it a thought a bit later. If I strongly feel that it’s fishy, I just don’t approach it. And untill now, it has turned out to be beneficial to me. So yes I trust my instincts.

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  6. Gut feeling, subconscious, intuition…. whatever we call them, they are there…driving us to what is the best thing to do. Rarely failing us and in a way, I think our surroundings help a great deal to shape these feelings.

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  7. I think that gut instinct/intuition is a result of past experiences and past lives. Our brain seems to quickly assess a situation and hold it up against all past similar experiences and letting us know what to do. I usually trust it 😊 I have also heard that this feeling can be as we receive information from the ‘collective consciousness’ ? Whatever it is it’s worth listening to and at the very least considering the feeling. 🙂

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  8. We all originally were like any animal that had to use instincts to survive. Some folks still have the ability (and good sense) to continue to use this natural/innate characteristic. I think it’s part of us, but some just don’t pay attention to it anymore….

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  9. After reading your post Akhila I could relate to the book I have read “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne. Am a great fan of that book and believe that whatever you think without any doubts the universe makes it happen. It’s true it happens when you are very sure. Read that book it is a very postive book.

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  10. I have been bad to myself over the years but that is because probably i am not a strong person .. for having others dictate what i should do or done..

    Neverthless its my fault maybe i will learn one day… So I am the last one to say anything … gut feelings do always tend to work out the right ones but in life there are other things which sometimes overpower one.. and hindsight is a good thing .. if only…

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    • I can understand your words bikram. It’s upto the person. And definitely not all of us can feel that gut instincts and even if felt, not necessary to be in sync with that..


  11. its always that i follow my intution .
    and there is actully science about it as we are able to get those frequencies that try to break the equilibrium of the body

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  12. I love my gut instinct. I always make my decisions for the most part on my gut instincts. I am good at noticing good and bad vibes. Always listen to your gut. It has never lead me astray. Thanks for sharing.

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  13. I tend to follow my instincts quite a lot. I believe whether correct or not, one must honor their inner voice, as it ensures that there are no regrets and external blaming factors.

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  14. That ‘gut feeling’ is being connected to the all. Your true self. Some call it intuition, higher self, or subconscious. When you are connected to it, you will find out it is always right. You are not a soul in a body, you are a body in a soul. I sharpen it with a healthy dose of nature. Nature is the living subconscious.

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  15. From the word go I had a gut feeling that the impeding verdict would go against Chinna Mummy Sasikala. Lo And Behold!! She got an unforgettable gift from Supreme Court on Valentines Day!! 4 Years Imprisonment!!!
    Gut feeling of a whole state prevailed!!

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  16. i think you must read the book “secret” though im not a big fan of that book but since you mentioned instinct here i felt may be u will like it.
    sometimes its a belief that you believe strongly in your deeds , your thoughts and universe will somehow adjust itself for you .. they say your thoughts become your reality

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  17. The day I ignore my instincts…. I regret it. So now I follow my intuition…

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  18. gut feeling is when the body and the heart is raring to go and do something when the mind is lethargic and uses its excuses full of buts…which also means if you ignore too many guts, you will be left smoldering with buts

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  19. I just use my sixth sense when I need to. Other times just ignore the gut feeling and then repent.

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  20. Gut feeling or intuition is like the sixth sense which fore warns us. It is good to pay heed to them.

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  21. I agree. Gut instincts are sime kind of scientific feelers. And every time it comes true, leaves an impact on mind. Oh how come it true! I was right! 😉

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  22. Exercise the one word in English I hate the most

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