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Why can’t we be open to all?


Why can’t we be open to all?

Why do we keep a distance from many..?

(It is not about getting along with everyone or getting too close to everyone, definitely it won’t be possible. But I am thinking about our interaction with people on a superficial level.)

Why can’t we put in a little emotional investment with all?

Why can’t we ask some thought provoking questions instead of artificial ones?

Are we afraid of something being stolen from our mind? Or are we afraid of being revealed?

What is that mind-block which forces us to be less transparent and less attached..?

Or is it some ego like, let him/her be open first, then only I need to be open?

What happens if we are read as an open book? Are we afraid of some harm forthcoming being open? Or is it some security threats..?

When we create an open book mind set, won’t it open a new love world in front of us?

Or are we trying to have that wonders in people’s eyes as mentioned in Alice is still in wonderland, by revealing less?

Author: Akhila

Akhila is a plant-woman breathing poetries, a self motivated life long learner decoding signs from the universe and a blogger bleeding out all the intoxicated imperfections of her soul through words. Her works have been featured in several online publications and anthologies. She is the founder and sole contributor of wordsandnotion and qualitynotion.

82 thoughts on “Why can’t we be open to all?

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  3. Its fear from hurt I think. ☺

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  4. Because it often prove to be not worthy….I presume.

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    • Then what will happen on a day when it becomes fully worthy

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      • Then perhaps we will open up but frankly it seems to be a distant dream because how so ever we try to make peace with this fact that “no one actually can hurt us until we want to be” it really doesn’t hasten because this comes when we take calculated move… and I believe if we really need to open up then we need to have trust and love that both these aspects comes naturally not otherwise !! 🙂

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  5. We cannot open just like a cookie is opened with a bottle opener, we all have our own setup to close open.like a door which is there bcz of our own maintenance.

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  6. Pertinent questions. But sometimes (not always) ‘open-ness’, or truth brings its own sets of problems and it takes out a lot of charm out of living.

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  7. I am panda who have the doors of his heart always open, but the problem is nobody knocks at them. The problem is the people being selfish and not interested in knowing about others. They have forgotten the lesson “dukh baatne se kam hota hai, assuming that you know Hindi, Pain decreases with sharing, assuming that you don’t know hindi.

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  9. Not everyone of us are at similar mental level. We can open ourselves only to someone who is equally interested in us. Sometimes block comes from other side. We need like minded or someone who won’t backstab us after knowing all our secrets…maybe that’s why!

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  10. I find that when I reveal too much too soon – which I was in the habit of doing all the time – face to face it drives people away. It is very lonely.

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  11. It will be so much peace inside our hearts if that happens.Perhaps,too many unclosed hearts force to have closed opinions.

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  12. A post filled with soo many ‘?’!!
    Yes, I think that this is true. We do this when we meet new People (though I think that I am able to mingle after a few nice conversations!😜) But what I feel that restricts us is that we think (I think!) That we (I) might hurt the sentiments of the other person.
    Otherwise, I keep on going😁

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  13. I think even investing emotionally on everybody on a superficial level would be emotionally too draining. Also, I think its best to be on hi-bye terms with some people for our own protection.

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  14. I loved it. This is awesome. I really loved it. I was really moved. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!!

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  15. the real version of you shouldnt be always exposed to the world.. becoz that puts you in back stabbing and betraying circumstances

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  16. Sorry it’s their problem not yours.

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  17. It’s fear. Fear of how other people will think about us. We are a bunch of smiling depressives because we go along to get along. Being your authentic self takes courage and not many are authentic. The number one way you can tell if someone is not their authentic self is how the act in front of strangers. If someone can’t except you for who you are, it’s their not yours. 😊

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  18. I think, it happens with all of us.
    Basic human nature is that we don’t want others to judge us, we want people to understand us.

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    • Thanks sapna…does it all lie in that fear of being judgemental..i wonder…

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      • 🙂
        I really liked ur point in post and then continuation of it in Supreet’s post.
        I think it is one important aspect.
        Just one example…. People when they get unwell they tell everyone from office/ home / friends / some even post on FB to broadcast to whole world and they go to physician. But if someone has mental stress and need to visit psychologist, they don’t inform people around them. Either they don’t visit them and if visit….hardly anyone knows about it.
        Main problem with most of us that we try to “look good”.

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  19. it depends on vibes we get from others mostly. Personally if I find the person i am interacting with is thinking the same way i do, then i will keep opening the pages of book. but if i feel , i am pushing them to shuffle through my pages, then i have to close the book… or they can take it as annoying, irritating or even desp sometime 😛 …

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  20. Hey, Akhi! How are you today?
    I think being open and free must be reserved for your very close and dear people in your life with whom you need not worry about being judged.

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    • Nitha…it’s a good question, especially on this post😜 …
      dont you feel a state btwn too close and superficial relationships…as said, with those too close people we could reveal everything…but still there are some with whom we can’t have a superficial relationships..my question is why are we just limiting such relationships in a hai_bye mode…


  21. Ente Thought Provoking Question inte Reply Ithuvarey Than Thanilla!!

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  23. We hold back mainly from the fear of being hurt or judged. Except with a close few, we always feel comfortable with our mask on.

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  24. It’s true, if we are like an open book then the world will be a better place. Perhaps the reason why we hold back ourselves is because we humans are afraid of being judged, by default we don’t prefer our character to be questioned. No matter how lovable a person is, after a certain stage even blood relations acquire competitive nature. People want to prove themselves better than another. If companies were like open books, the public would notice the loop holes thus denying them business. So open mindedness and competition cannot coexist!

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  25. It’s cause, more often than not, when we open our hearts to get closer, the people at the other end casually take a part of our soul and smash it into pieces. So, a part of us dies just cause we trusted and loved. And hence the locked heart and a fake mask to put up. hehe… nice questionable post yaar..

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