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A man with his own opinions is an intellectual; while a woman with her opinions is a bitch!
Ughh! Is this the civilized thinking..
This is definitely not a generalized post and not at all trying to crucify the entire male generation. There are adorable men too in this “awesome” world. And with due to respect to them, let me share this painful female voice for you.


Author: Akhila

I am flying across the space between words and whipping up whimsical waves of notion to discern the quantum code of my soul.

40 thoughts on “CALL ME A BITCH.

  1. Good morning, Akhi!
    I must admit that it is the title that caught my attention.
    When time permits, please read https://thewritewomanblog.wordpress.com/2016/07/01/because-she-is-worth-it, a post I wrote some time back.
    Let me know what you think!

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  2. On the same note: a woman who may have multiple partners is a whore, but a man who does is macho and cool. We live in a completely sexist world where women are minimalized. Look in America where the man elected is a sexist pig and even WOMEN make excuses for the disgusting things he says about women! It’s disgraceful to many of us who live here.

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  3. It’s a “so called” civilized society we are living in…! Excellent, thought provoking post.

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  4. Excellent post Akhila and why must we always discriminate women and for what. You rightly said we are all humans and women are not just beauty but they too have lots of brains and are much better in many ways than men. Very nicely worded.

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  5. I don’t mind being an intellectuall Bitch! ha ha! I can jut call men intellectuall Assholes 😉

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  6. Miss bitch to everyone…
    yep I’d be class a bitch than adhering to be the woman these men expected..

    Totally agreed my sweet girl. Very valid points you make..
    Woman no longer lives in men shadows…

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  7. Wonder how many strong females are out there working in mines and sewage cleaning … The underground ditches that get stuck ..

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  8. not that it matters…….but i would like to add that……i curse obviously…….the f the m the c and the other b etc………..but have never used this b word……….i can never…..don’t know why! there’s a little trivia! lol

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  9. I am extremely shameful for the so called civilised society of ours where a girl and a woman is treated only as an object of pleasure.
    Some people very proudly say that … I am sorry. I just don’t want to recall those words. But on the other side I can feel a whole lot of pain for my sisters.
    We men probably cannot understand this because what resides in our eyes, heart, mind, mouth, and action is only use and abuse in most cases.

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  10. not trying to start a war here………but, we can skip reason while in frustration over obvious, regrettable discrimination………but we need a release, once in a while……….the is a solution together, only.
    and thank you for calling me awesome!!! lol 🙂 🙂

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