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Women safety and child-lock


Child Lock feature is put in cars in order to prevent little kids from opening the door while you are driving.

But what it has got to do with women on a hired cab..? Yes, there are drivers who are actively using these child locks especially while they are having a female passenger.

Oh, may be the driver want to open the door for the lady princess assuming himself to be her prince.. serving her…  He would have placed a flower mat too, if he had one in stock.. Such a nice guy, no.. ;).

Recently I received the below whatsapp information from one of my friends in connection to this.

Hi friends, just wanted to share something very important …in a discussion during the training on prevention of sexual harassment at work place, the trainer asked “what should you check for when you sit in a hired cab?” The answer to that is child lock. The room was silent for a few seconds as no one had said that. The trainer went on to tell us that in the last 4 years all cases related to rape/ molestation in cabs/by cab drivers had one thing in common, the victims were in cars that had child lock on them.

I am not sure on those numbers mentioned in the above message. But it has relevant information especially while thinking about the recent Uber car driver incident.

So how to check whether this feature is turned on or not without asking the driver..?

The child locks could be mechanical types or electronic types. Mechanically controlled ones are normally there on the edges of the back seat door (could be some moving buttons) while electronic types are activated from the driver position. So in order to know whether the feature is turned on,

  1. We can check the ON state of mechanical types in the doors, before getting in. And for this we need to be familiar with the ‘locked or unlocked positions’ of the switches or buttons or levers.
  2. If windows are open, try to open the door from inside through the windows, before getting in.
  3. Once we get in, try to open the other door before closing the door through which we entered.
  4. If there are no window locks, we can also try to reach the outside door handle through windows once we get in.

So, be aware of this, the next time you close the cab door and share it with your female friends, colleagues and all. And moreover be vigilant….


Author: Akhila

I am flying across the space between words and whipping up whimsical waves of notion to discern the quantum code of my soul.

65 thoughts on “Women safety and child-lock

  1. Thanks for sharing this Akhila! Very useful information!

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  2. Never heard of this Akhila. Good thought provoking post. Let everyone read and learn this. 👍🏼appreciate it a lot.


  3. It is something very informative and helpful as well.
    thankyou so much.
    i think we all should share such updates and keep every girl safe. 🙂

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  4. Very informative. Thanks for sharing!

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  5. good info on how to check if the safety lock is on….

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  6. How to check for the electronic ones……. Nowadays mostly electronic ones r used…….. . It’s high time now that Govt should give free supply of one weapon to each n every girl for self defence….. Or legally allow ladies to carry weapon for self defence……

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  7. This is news to me. It is unbelievable what creative geniuses come up with for their miserable pleasures. If only this creativity was put to better use!

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  8. Thanks once more Akhila for sharing such an important post and yes we all need to do so next time before sitting in any hired cabs if we are alone.

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  9. Thank you for sharing. It is a very important information.

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  10. A greay thing you put in attention. Thanks ☺

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  11. Thanks Akhila for such a great information and yes this message is circulating on What’s app as my friends too have sent it and it is good to take precautionary measures.

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  12. That never crossed my mind, thanks for the tip ! I will pass the message along.

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  13. Well that is something we don’t think of normally. We must make every women around us aware of it.
    Thanks for sharing such a valuable information.

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  14. Relevant Message Chechy! Thank you for sharing 🙂

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  15. sad… but an important safety tip!

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  16. This message has been doing the rounds on WA since a couple of days. Good info to share.

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  17. Good Morning Akhi. I got this msg too. It is unnerving what people will do to get into a girl’s pants. Safety is a major concern. Glad you shared it here.

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  18. Received a similar fwd in WA.. was wondering how a passenger can check if the child lock feature is turned on or not, without directly asking the driver…Any ideas?

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  19. I was gonna make a joke like..this has only happened to me in the back of police cars…..but your message is too important. Never thought of this. Getting harder and harder to trust people.

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  20. Good safety measure. Thanks for sharing .

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