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Are you a soft parent, Are you soft son/daughter?


Are you a soft mom/dad..?


Are you soft son/daughter..?

Nowadays we often hear words like ‘ I didn’t have time’ or ‘I was running short of time’ or ‘sorry, I am a bit delayed’

Well, time management is not my todays’ concern.

But we are often forced to compromise certain things in life due to ‘this lack of time issue’. And the most easily compromised is ‘child-parent relationship’ in today’s stressed life.

Every parent can recall a time when their frustration level went through the roof, and their emotional reactions to their children were not adequate to the situation.

Parents won’t understand that their timelessness is changing their routine life or raising their temper even for small small things in the family. And kids are often their victims because they are the naughty boxes.

Kids are supposed to be naughty, that’s their birth right. So yelling may stop them for a moment from their naughtiness. But they too have an emotional heart and it needs to be realized how badly the little heart is affected..!!

The situation is under control how quickly the parent presses the pause button. There are two things to be taken care after pressing the button

  • Limit the impulsive outbursts as far as possible
  • Take a genuine effort to restore the condition after an outburst.

After all, every parent wants their kids to be grown up as emotionally healthy persons.

And the situation is just reversed when the kids are grownups and by that time the parents would have become grandparents…now it’s the kids turn to show their timelessness and rudeness upon their parents.. And the cycle just repeats.. Even if people have time, sometimes they just pretend to be busy to give a five minutes call to his/her mom/dad.. They just pretend to be unaware of the emotions of their “home-alone parents”

So where is the exit..?

Ask oneself

Are you a soft mom/dad..? or Are you soft son/daughter..?


Author: Akhila

I am flying across the space between words and whipping up whimsical waves of notion to discern the quantum code of my soul.

83 thoughts on “Are you a soft parent, Are you soft son/daughter?

  1. Got me thinking, Akhila. This is a heavy-duty post and carries a lot of meaning and purpose in today’s times.

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  2. Good question…my parents arent soft that’s for sure 😂😂

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  3. I don’t know what to say..I have been studying in hostel and then I came to UK… but I do feel I have always done what parents have told me to do.. even what subjects I should have in studies..

    So yeah a very soft son…

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  4. Speak roughly to your little boy and beat him when he sneezes,
    He only does it to annoy because he knows it teases.

    Spare the rod and spoil the child, I say! 😉

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  5. Sad to say, but at times, I don’t understand my parents, no matter what they do for me. My alter egos suddently gets activated and I get rude and stubborn. 😦 (working upon it to eliminate my negativities).
    But I have got loving parents. They are love, they are soft. ❤

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  6. Well… I am a soft daughter but a strict Mom. It doesn’t mean that I shout all the time, It’s just that I do maintain strict policies. Now that they’ve all grown things are kind of organized.
    I loved reading your last paragraph.So sad to note….
    But one thing I’ve experienced is Your Child will treat you the same way you treat your Parents.That’s for sure!!!
    Great post!!

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  7. Evergreen topic! Very important that you find ways for effective communication with your kids. Please avoid multitasking while spending time with your kids. As an attempt few months back i started a morning walk with my elder son….Only we two! In few days, i realize how it changed our commn more positive….. Nice Akhila….Keep Smiling!

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  8. Hi, it’s a good thought. Time just passes too fast and in no time kids become grown ups and grown ups into oldies. You have to think before act. Really thought evoking topic. Cheers !!

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  9. Akhila it is a good topic you have kept for discussion and I am impressed by the commentary it has generated.
    I want to ask you how did you repost your this older post as I see the comments are of previous months.I was rather surprised since you have posted this just 30 minutes back and the likes and comments of such a good number.
    Please tell me how can you do that keeping your likes and comments on that post intact and repost it.
    I actually want some of my older posts to be read by my new readers.
    You may visit my blog for my recent posts which have also kept for discussions. I think you can contribute your thoughts on them.

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  10. Parents are always going to be parents and children will be children the way they r brought up, it is not a question of the world that has changed we have changed and want the best for our children and so spoil them and that is how we have changed and the children have, nothing else. A good debatable post Akhila, nice 👍👌👌👌👌👌

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  11. So true!! it’s a cycle.. Our parents have faced this..& it’s a lesson to us when we be a parent too..

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  12. I am blessed to havethe best parents in the world. Well they are more to me like my best friends. I can share anything with me, my problems, worries, silly doubts, ask numerous questions. They dont get tired of me. They are very patient. They love me a lot. They have time for me.no matter how busy their schedule is. And they always fulfill my wishes.. Blessed to have them 🙂
    proud to be their child.

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  13. I have an angry teenage daughter who still holds out against me months later, I can totally understand this! awesome post!

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  14. Insightful. Thought-provoking. Nice post 😊

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  15. I am indeed a “soft son and a soft father” 🙂

    at times I am not that soft a son, I feel 🙂

    I found that, though it’s really hard to control our emotions, that’s the best way to maintain peace at home.

    One flared up moment could easily spoil a day, if not more 🙂

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  17. Nice read, you’ve left me introspecting as I am in the middle of the hyper chain of 3 generations.

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  18. That’s a great post and yes maybe I need to work a little on that perspective, thanks

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  19. akhila, beautiful post… thought about it a lot…am i a soft parent?? and was/am i a soft son? answer kittiyaaludan parayam

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  20. In the UK to be called soft would mean you didn’t exert enough control on your kids, that you were too indulgent. Your usage seems to imply gentleness and is more positive.

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  21. True…sathyathil innu achanammamarum makkalum thammilulla bandam valare sithilamanu.aarkkum samayamilla..ellavarum thangaludethaya thirakkukalilanu enna nyayeekaranathilanu..palathum nashtappettupoyi enn avasananimishathil bodyam varumbol thirich kittatha palathum ann vedanayayi marum… 😦

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  22. Every setup of parenting have pros and cons.
    This busiest world ever , children are equally busy like parents.

    Can’t control things beyond limits. Flowing the time is the solution. I belive.

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    • children are also busy, especially the new gen kids.. they have their own entertainments in the technical world. but that bond of love will be diluted on a long run if things are being continued in this way

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      • Yeah true agreed Akhila.
        What we have been trying to achieve here in our society , people from other part of world have already achieved the things many ways 50 years before.

        I mean every set up of society has its side effects. More we are going to be independent, financialy stable , advance in technology other values will mitigate as you said love , compassion and caring for each other.

        Understanding about science and materials tic world , can make the life comfortable and luxurious.

        But understanding about life in totality makes life perfect. Else keep on fixing the zillions of issues of life makes life frustrating.

        Let us love the way we are, and keep the judgement aside. See beauty in every thing around.

        We just one drop in ocean, let us enjoy being our true self..

        I know I am irritating some times, but I won’t change…..

        Will keep sharing , what I have…..

        Will you mind my long replies some times out of context.

        Even if you mind , I will not leave you …the way you don’t spare me…..


        Have great day ahead.

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  23. Akhila you share the very nice and deep concept about parenting.People’s don’t think about it but it has a great impact on child,it affect their personality and after every generation their child became parents will became one level up than their parents

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  24. Very relevant post for the times we live in ..you have raised the right concerns. I know of cases where parents don’t have time…and this is a rapidly increasing menace in our society which needs to be checked. Thanks for writing about this 😊

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  25. I have taken out my frustrations out on my girl but I always go and try and repair any damage. I don’t think kids are naughty. Mine isn’t -she is merely learning . 🙂

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  26. I am the brat of the house whenever I am home but I do take charge when I need to. But never heard or will ever say I don’t have time! that is like a modern lingo for god knows what! if people do such, even outside parenting, well.. god save them..

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  27. I feel blessed that my parents always had time for me even if i used to play any sort of pranks, they always had taught me that what’s right and what’s wrong. The way they made me understand things were in a very different yet elegant way and i happily used to accept that. I can’t say much about parenting but yes i completely agree with what you said. I have heard lots of children saying ‘My mum never understands me, she doesn’t have time for me’ and what not ! Times have changed we understand. But sometimes parents fail to understand them although it’s true each and every kid is unique and it really takes and a lot of patience for them to have a connection. I would consider myself as a soft daughter and will always be 🙂

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    • I am really happy to know this Aanchal..be proud of your parents.. and I am quite sure that you have learned the best part of parenting from your parents and definitely you will be a soft daughter as well as a soft parent in future

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  28. Being the only child of working parents, I have spent almost all of my school vacations being at home, all alone. But I have no regrets about it because I grew up to be an Independent person. I was always a silent child so they never had any issues or complaints from neighbors and teachers 😀 and that is something I regret. I hear my friends talking about the pranks they played during their childhood and I am like “I never played a prank”. But seeing my nieces and nephews now, I feel I was much better when I was their age. And as Radhika said in the above comment, each kid is different so it takes time to understand them.
    Few days ago, someone was complaining that their son is always silent and never talks to anyone. My mum said “Our daughter was the same. But she’s changed now.” It takes time to adjust, it takes time to understand, whether it is the kid or for the parent.
    So I must say I am a Soft Daughter 🙂

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    • wow.. I just liked this.. yes, it takes time to adjust and understand.. be unique in your own style.. never compare yourself with the outside world…definitely your parents will be proud of you..

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  29. Akhila parenting in today’s world is an extremely challenging task. Each day and each situation with each child is very different. So as parents understanding this and accordingly dealing with it is the call of the day. A blend of utmost patience, tact, firmness, quality time and unconditional love is the key to good parenting. My two cents 🙂

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