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Through the eyes of an innocent 8 year old


There are 6 homes in a compound.. Definitely, not the congested ones as in todays residential villas.  It may take around 1 to 2 kids’ minutes (they won’t walk, no.. they can only run ) to reach the other end if a kid starts from one end of the compound. And many such compounds before you reach a main junction. None of those compounds are segregated by todays kind of stone walls, instead there had some natural walls decorated with hibiscus, henna and all. (It was our hiding place while playing hide and seek….shhhhh. ) And a route in between.  And we had a pond also there in our compound. There was a field on the other side of the pond. We go there after school hours, do fishing and do all kinds of naughtiness with mud and water….

The houses are still there, the pond is still there, the remains of the field is still there, but definitely not that 8 year old girl..

Time passes, we also have to move with that. Or else we should have to travel in the speed of light to put a pause for time..


Author: Akhila

I am flying across the space between words and whipping up whimsical waves of notion to discern the quantum code of my soul.

83 thoughts on “Through the eyes of an innocent 8 year old

  1. Memories remain in our hearts even when we come through the time… that’s perhaps nostalgia… 🙂

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  2. Nostalgically inspiring, especially the first bit, got reminded of my holidays in my grandmother’s home, what a beautiful time.

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  3. It’s kind of throwback we all rush into when we got second chance☺☺…superb👌👌

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  4. So true it is.Memories remains!

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  5. It was so amazing. Thanks for sharing!

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  6. Sometimes when I see my kids grow, I think I could pause time☹️😊

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  7. That’s a traditional nallukettu.. type of lifestyle .. I too had once such a home .. but it’s long lost in past ..
    Today 8yr old bother to sit somewhere on a varandah and keep up watsappinn

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  8. Gone are those golden days
    Of childhood
    When we used to play
    As a school teacher
    With kids of age
    Less than us

    Gone are those golden days
    When we used to run
    Behind butterflies
    Or chase a chameleon

    Gone are those golden days
    When we used to play
    Family family with kids
    Of our age

    Gone are those golden days
    When it was fun dancing in rain
    Still it is
    Stamping our legs in small mud ponds on road
    Making paper boats
    And then shout with joy
    As the boats sailed in water

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  9. I had a wonderful childhood . Life got tougher when I was a teenager but thats gone now

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  10. *wew* light speed travel is okay sometimes 😉

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  11. Childhood shapes an adult and thus the future of a nation we should be careful

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  12. Your grown n up and your blog is blossemimg like a fresh flower. Would love to hear your thoughts on our new story called Queen Kong and I


  13. Brilliant reminds me of almost similar place.. I had a brilliant childhood..

    But hey now many other 8 years old probably enjoy the place..

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  14. “All kinds of naughtiness in mud and water” gives me lot of ideas … 😂😂😂

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  15. passionate reminiscing………….if we could turn time back……we would never leave…..*sigh*…… why would anyone……..

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  16. “Time passes, we also have to move with that. Or else we should have to travel in the speed of light to put a pause for time..” This is what I liked the most in your post. Time does not wait for anyone, you will find all material things the way they were but humans have to change and they will, nothing remains permanent.

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  17. Wow. Kudos to your thinking skills. ☺😍😋

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  18. nostalgic, ma’am… close your eyes and look deep, you will see that naughty 8 year old smiling happily… convey my regards to her

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  19. Was she kidnapped ??

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  20. Nostalgic! and to add to the scene here its raining! 🙂

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  21. This post reminded of maths problem. 6 houses.. 2 kid minutes.. 😀

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  22. Although I had an unhappy childhood, there are still many happy memories such as this that I cherish. As a child, there were brooks and fields, small wooded areas to which I could go. I honestly feel that my memories of these precious days kept me alive so that I could be reborn in love. I love, and I am loved. There is a verse in the Christian’s Bible which says. “There is no fear in love.” And I promise you, that the tradition is true!

    Roy for Sara Jane and Ceannt

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  23. Reblogged this on We come from dreams ~ and commented:
    One of her loveliest works! My friends, I give you Akhila! Drink deep, and may you never thirst!


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