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Notion of the Day


Momentary happiness won’t be lasting. Even then, it is so nice if you can make a smile on others face for a moment.


Author: Akhila

An emotionally colored and emotionally neutral woman flying across the space between words and whipping up whimsical waves of notion to discern the quantum code of her soul.

48 thoughts on “Notion of the Day

  1. How beautiful it is to be the reason of other’s smile!

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  2. Yes so true and happily said Akhila. Really liked the simple message.

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  3. Totally! Good Morning Akhi. ☺

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  4. athu kondalle sakhaave ‘momentary’ ennu paraynne?? pinnengane lasting aavum??

    but thank you, (smiling)

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  5. Momentary happiness…….akhila which happiness is not momentary in life ?

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  6. Oh yes.. smile .. and keep smiling.

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  7. Life is about those small moments 🙂

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  8. Nice post but it is contradictory too, like if you are giving someone a momentary happiness and then it is followed by never ending pain then it is not right, and also morally how right it is to do some wrong thing just for a momentary happiness of self or someone else.

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    • i liked the way you introduced contradiction to this momentary happiness.. it’s true and painful when the momentary happiness leads to never ending disasters…
      there is a little story behind this post.. will publish it soon.. and definitely it didnt lead to any disasters..instead it made me smile..

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  9. Smile is contagious… So keep a happy face…you’ll make others smile automatically.. 😄

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  10. I like this. Short and says a lot!

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  11. Does momentary happiness become longer lasting in memory, I wonder?

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  12. that’s the goal of my life

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