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Universe or Multiverse..?


Are we living in a universe or Multiverse..?

When I was stuck upon this question, the first thing which came to my mind was Einstein’s space – time relativity. Space and time are related. Similarly energy and matter. And ultimately binding all the massive objects via gravitational force. So it was like finding unity in the entire complexity, making all of them related in one way or the other.

We need to make the entire stuffs simple and related in this cosmos, in order to avoid the muddles if the things couldn’t be interpreted. We needed a single rhythm, hence it was universe.

After all, we humans only called it a universe while it could be a multi rhythmic cosmos in reality. In that multi rhythmic cosmos, there couldn’t be any relation between energy and mass. Nothing related, everything has it’s own laws and conditions, a real multiverse.

But google gave me a different answer, it showed me multiverse as the opposite of universe, i.e. many universe. It is said that at the time of big bang, some portions of universe expanded faster giving rise to another universes, functioning with different laws of physics..

If it is a multiverse, will the siblings be colliding each other.. who knows..?

Anyway, the existence of multiverse wont have any impacts on our day to day concerns. So let me take a deep breathe.. But I donno if it was sigh of relief or discomfort.


Author: Akhila

Flying across the space between words and whipping up whimsical waves of notion to discern the quantum code of my soul.

99 thoughts on “Universe or Multiverse..?

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  2. Who knows.. Id say multi verse..afterall the universe cant just end! http://wp.me/p5IK2v-1e


    • ya…multiverse, i too go for it

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      • The universe must consist within something…and what’s beyond a black hole?

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        • Open ended questions.. what’s there beyond stars and all those cosmic stuffs


          • Just more stuff? We are a limited/self-limiting thinking species, thus we always want “an end” or “a boundary” or “a limit” to everything… and being physically/materially focused beings, we can only relate comfortably to measurable space filled with measurable time and physically describable material “stuff.” When we deliberately “break out” of our material reality by freeing our mind from our body, all those limiting factors disappear. Here all things and non-things blend; the impossible no longer exists – no limits. We become our own “black hole” of inter-dimensional revelations. (My personal experience, anyway!)

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  3. What is a universe? Whatever it is, it is something in which we exist. If it is different universes with different laws existing parallel to each other, they, again, have to have a connection. It is impossible for two things to exist completely separated from each other. So, the right word that we need, if you ask me, is a dimension. Our universe can be both united but still separated in different dimensions, that could make it a multiverse. Even on earth, we have different dimensions, for example a life in the water and seas and on the ground. Similarly, some beings could possibly live on the sun, in their own dimensions. The perception and experience of time and space could also be different in different dimensions. In a way, our universe could be like a one huge room separated in itself by different section of mirrors. That’s a metaphor I always liked. We are at one exact spot every time, but we are separated from the center by different rows of mirrors that reflect both sides of the space they separate. And each step closer to the center, the image we see is clearer, because it is distorted by less layers of glass. And that centar is literally everywhere. And it is also inside us, in our own soul, or mind, however you wish to call it. Not just that we live in a universe (or multiverse), we are the universe. 🙂 I wrote a long comment… I kinda like it, I’m going to make a post out of it!


  4. I read somewhere that there are infinite number of universe….. and they exist in different dimensions. Basically they might be overlapping with eachother…..but you don’t feel that as you are in a diff. dimension.

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  5. Cosmos…the unknown and mysterious …now I hear of a distant far more intellectually advanced universe whose beings would treat Earthlings like bacteria…
    A nice attempt to try and understand the blue dot..

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  6. A post full of Physics ! Quite an interesting read Akhila 🙂

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  7. Whatever would happen won’t happen in our lifetime…so breathe easy 🙂

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  8. Hii blogger,
    I really like your blog it’s a perfect blend, I’ll be looking forward for your new posts, thank you for your very good information
    i kindly invite you to my blog, if seems worth it plz do share. Thank you http://spacexplorationss.wordpress.com

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  9. We are in matrix created by some one. There can be multiple like that 🙂 We don’t know what creator called us, but we call us ‘human’
    And interestingly, we are going to create a matrix of machines soon. Already ON! We call them ‘machines or bots’, we don’t know what they will call themselves ;)) Sorry, became bit technical. Anyways read latest Stephen Hawking article….. 🙂
    So, multiverse Google answer is correct! Multimatrix!!

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  10. I live in a multiverse.

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  11. I would day all multiverses are a subset of one largeeee universe. How does that sound?

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  12. “Anyway, the existence of multiverse wont have any impacts on our day to day concerns. So let me take a deep breathe.. But I donno if it was sigh of relief or discomfort.” This was the gist of your entire post. Yes why bother nothing will happen to our Universe, so give a moment of relief and enjoy. Very nicely worded.

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  13. I think multiverse or a single universe what is more important that are we alone or not? Even Einstein space time theory has not mentioned it.
    Nice post and a bit too complex.

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  14. Hold hold hold on..

    And this is how my schools days were.. trying to figure out what was being taught.

    If only I was clever enough to ubdestand ..😭

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  15. What’s one universe… or series of multiverses in an infinite cosmos? When we reason with our brain/body we are limited to space/time. When we reason from the mind we realize the only limits to life are those we accept from others and place upon ourselves. I’m an infinite cosmic being. I recognize no boundaries and accept no limits. My physical life is about to end (one can always hope!) and there will be no surprises when I find myself “looking” at infinity with its infinite choices and paths. But, despite the temptations to just surf the waves, I have a destination – not a self-limiting process, but a joyful choice, a rendez-vous; a fulfillment of a chance encounter that will help me accomplish my set purpose. Thanks again Akhila for your sharp outlook and keen thoughts.

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    • thanks Shatara…there are infinite possibilities. And it is open when we observe with our mind only, as you said. and it is always fun to get indulged in these multidimensional views instead of our normal space-time views…

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  16. Well.. I am a Hindu and our scriptures say that there is existence of Multiverse,even before Einstein’s discovery. I read a link on Facebook couple of years ago and found out that Einstein himself credited Indian books of mentioning of Multiverse. He told – “I haven’t made an invention, I have just discovered”. And their existence won’t undoubtedly affect us. It was a fantastic post. 👏👏👏

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  17. This is such a refreshing write up. I am sure it is multiverse. That`s why it remains such a mystery; Its our mind that is a universe, that tries to decode instead of revel in its glory.

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  18. interesting thoughts, celestial ma’am! thank god fore the last para “Anyway, the existence of multiverse wont have any impacts on our day to day concerns”
    and so, let me too take a sigh of, of course, relief!!

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  19. Multiverse concept involves probability. The universe we see today can be considered possible because it could have had the highest probability. Similarly there can be universes existing with lesser probability. This is what we see as Multiverse concept 😀

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  20. It does actually.
    Because humans by nature are self-centred. There is a need to feel special, unique, and important.
    It’s why Earth was declared the centre of the solar system, it’s why humans are considered seperate from animals.
    A multiverse existing would mean as humans, we would be more driven to explore meaning – to discover for ourselves (in regards to a multiverse) exactly how special we are.

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