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Fairness, നീതിപൂര്‍വ്വം


This is a what’s app share. It may be an old one for you, may be even one or two decades older. But I couldn’t resist sharing it with you.;)

If you wanna read the English version, please ask the 18 year old guy ( Google ) “kids playing on a railway track”


After reading it, many questions arose in my mind..

Morally and emotionally correct decision( if you switched to the closed track) , but was unfair and ultimately sidelined the minority..

Tough decision making .. lack of social trust..unfair treatment..sidelined minority

What do you think..?

Keeping these emotions apart, we need to be sensible..isn’t it..?


Author: Akhila

Flying across the space between words and whipping up whimsical waves of notion to discern the quantum code of my soul.

29 thoughts on “Fairness, നീതിപൂര്‍വ്വം

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  2. True Akhila, and i wonder how we don’t even give a minute to that sort of thinking. We try to sideline who’s right just to keep the interest of few at the expense of that right. So, i guess the conclusion is to think what’s to be done in that sort of decision making but like in real life we have less time to respond. Would you think it to be possible to take the right decision devoid of emotions, that’s what we are made of and installed off too ?

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    • yes.. shalz.. it is pretty difficult to escape from emotions..moreover, here in this case, even if we go with the moral side, it would ultimately become a wrong decision

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      • Right ! contradicting most of the theory of rational decision. Humans are complex that’s why, and ever changing with situations. Or i heard somewhere it’s difficult to be right, at times we have to satisfy being unfair, maybe in Devdutt Patnaik when he mentioned hierarchy/ unfairness.

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  3. sad, but so true akhila ma’am…and yes, one must keep emotions aside while taking sensible decisions…

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  4. Be sensible ; Live and Let Live:)

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  5. … cntd… you are bad… Later same you fix it, become star… 🙂

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  6. Right and wrong are relative. Assume, all those escaped realize value and support many others through the name of one who forced to sacrifice….. Later, people will write and talk about the real meaning of that one child. Yeah, there are too many unknowns.. we work with knowns… So we apply ‘sense’. It’s like, you create bug in thw software

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  7. I think as humans we judge and opt for the lesser evil….

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  8. Reminds me I did this post a few years ago and got some interesting replies..

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  9. I think the problem demonstrates the situation with our global civilization in a time of total selfishness and heedless hedonism where “having fun” is more important than being responsible. In this case, train and tracks represent the System; the kids playing on the tracks are people who don’t care about their own safety, or the angst they will cause the train operator. Whatever the operator does to mitigate the end results of catastrophe, the responsibility lies with the kids on the tracks not paying attention, and they shouldn’t be there in the first place. There is no “fix” for this problem because the problem began with lack of parental teaching on responsibility and lack of supervision. When the train arrives, it’s too late. And this society is playing on the tracks -both used and unused and the train is almost upon them already. So? Too late now.

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  10. It is not about the right and wrong decision. It is not about punishment and saving either. I hate to sound like this, but it is for the ‘Greater Good’. The less of the two evils? No one deserves to be punished in this case. We do what we have to do…

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  11. Nammal ororutharum e situationil ingane thanne chinthikullu athaanu manushyante manassu…
    It maybe the wrong one but.. What if the bad turns good??? You’ll never know the next moment… (kadhayileth aanu paranjath enkilum.. It’s applicable for all.. Coz everybody needs a second chance)

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