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Don’t forget context while communicating


He: I am leaving. Keep it there.

She: What to keep? (thinking)

Either this could be a continuation of something they were talking about. If so, it is she who missed to catch it up. A tube-light girl.

Then the other possibility is, himself referring to something in his mind or something which he told her hours/days back. And he failed to communicate it properly. He is assuming that she knows the situation as he does and expects her to catch it up.

I have no ways to help the tube light girl as of now.. do you have any idea..?

Then on the other side, isn’t it very jerky to start the conversation without a single mention on the context. They start all of a sudden and give the listener a tougher time to cope with them.

The telepathic may dig into your mind and read what is unsaid. But we, all are not telepathic and can’t decode your words.

While communicating or listening, let us keep an eye on the context too and make it a smoother conversation.


Author: Akhila

An emotionally colored and emotionally neutral woman flying across the space between words and whipping up whimsical waves of notion to discern the quantum code of her soul.

65 thoughts on “Don’t forget context while communicating

  1. Akhila, good note:) It’s a common valid point.
    Esp(not only), online, Remote communications, the context is imp to make effective communication and reduce the “unwanted” assumptions in people. In your example, there is some confusion. But, I have seen cases where , when people listen “I am leaving. Keep it there”, they are already ready to keep a thing, which they think the thing is! 😉

    At home, many times, after the initial confusion(if any), we generate fun out of these kind of communication…gives real cool time among all of us with laughter 😉 [Where we have more chance to interact openly!]
    Have a great day with all communication with right contexts (to & fro)!

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  2. Exactly..it is very important to keep the things clear and make the communication flow into error free way specially in working area as well in personal space.

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  3. 😂😂😂😂 I am one of those tube lights. I don’t remember each and every conversation, sometimes I msg someone something in the morning and when they reply the next day, I ll be like for what msg are you replying?😂😂😂 I even have a bad habit of deleting all conversations once in a day.😂😂😂

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  4. Agree with Prashantt : )

    I love straight forward people

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  5. yea many people do this. A very good thing to learn.

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  6. Hehehe… yes, your right, faced this situation esp. with mom, she mostly refer to something that i failed to understand while keeping that thing in mind, so i better try to ask her again – it is not bad to be called tube light if it works in good communication 😀

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  7. I think this is normal. .We all do it.. especially when so much is happening around ..

    I have become so forgetful these days.. don’t remember things I had a brillaint memory .. I guess the hard disk up there is getting pretty full..

    Maybe it’s the other person who can help instead of trying to think why not just ask .. In what context is the question.. 😀😀

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  8. happens!! I perceive it as some “secrets” he may have told her earlier and he want her not to disclose it now. 😛 😀

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  9. True, context is very important. Pronouns don’t do all the magic. Nouns are also required 😊

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  10. On the dot you have said it so rightly. Both need to listen and say with content or the conversation will be totally one sided. Context is very much needed. Good post.

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  11. Yes I do agree…context plays a very major role…Once we fail in conveying the exact context then its a complete failure…

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  12. Funny you should post this. It’s not just about men/women. Most people don’t ‘listen’ not just when texting but when communicating in general. I have a manager who doesn’t listen at all. Part of it is due to the fact she feels she is always right, another reason is that she talks over people instead of letting people finish what they are saying. It happened twice to me today. I find it’s annoying and frustrating. And then when she’s wrong, so won’t admit it…this becomes even doubly frustrating. But now I will usually just say: OK, whatever you say because there’s no winning with her. 🙂

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  13. Haha. . I have been on the receiving end of this situation many a times. That’s why it is important to put our point well so that the receiver can understand our written words. Sometimes people think that they and their receiver share the same brain so they don’t convey their thought clearly and thus the confusion comes into play. So we have to be careful while thinking and clear in expressing it while communicating with others.

    Good night, Akhila. 🙂

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  14. Yes, that’s an important point of effective communication…else it is not a two-way conversation.

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  15. I am guilty of this miscommunication ..hehhe…there are times a thought is playing in my head n suddenly I blurt out the end of the conversation expecting others to understand, could relate so well to this post 😊👍👌🏼

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  16. One of those toughest moments of communication is when someone says something…… but the way they say it……in intangible…. and you ask them to repeat it and even after the 3rd time it still doesn’t make sense and just nod your heard :p :p
    Probably just told you their plan to murder someone and you are like, ‘okk!’

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  17. hmmmm..happens often!and true, the context often simplifies the interpretation!

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  18. A lot of times, we get into arguments simply because of miscommunication or misunderstandings.

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