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The perfect Date


The gentle breeze giggled me as if I was in his arms

Two little silver liquid drops caressed my face

Enjoying the naughty wind teasing my curls

He loomed with two cups of coffee in his hands

Placing it on the balcony desk, hugged me from back

Closed my eyes, leaning upon his heart as always

Is this not the perfect date – two cups of coffee,

You and me, our balcony, the sneak hug and the rain?

I couldn’t resist bringing in this sweet definition here, from the magic of a special tea .

Such an expressive meaning, clinging to the real life. Kudos Josh…

Author: Akhila

Akhila is a self-motivated life-long learner and a self-published author.. She posts technical articles on her blog qualitynotion.com. She runs a personal blog, wordsandnotion.com where she writes about everything from illusion to reality.

167 thoughts on “The perfect Date

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  2. Hmmmm…..!!!I will definetly make my #PRINCESS happy by doing the above things…& I will end our #ROMANTIC day with a #CANDLE LIGHT DINNER…for both of us….
    Thank u for d romantic post…

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  3. Oh! Am i stepped in to some other blogger page😉
    This is so lovely crafted words rather than someone with fire & fierce words.Loved reading it👏👌👌

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  4. Loved this. What a beautiful, evocative, way of expressing simple but deep romance! I could actually picture it in my mind.

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  5. Yes, yes perfect date ❤❤

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  6. Akhila u r an awesome writer. So beautifully u have written. Simply marvellous u r an inspiration to poetry.👍👍👍👍👍😊😊😊😊😊😊

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  7. have a book too.. as Aisha said…

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  8. That was such a beautiful moment. 😊

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  9. Thanks akhila for changing it to coffee😍😍😍😍 you see that Josh?? 😝😝😝
    This is so wow by the way!

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  10. Who needs a candle light dinner to have a romantic time. Coffee with your loved one is also so special. Lovely !!

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  11. Lovely words…

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  12. Blisssssss. ..

    Dream come true for sure….

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  13. Small things do make our life valuable and we mostly neglect to see how important they are and the people who create such happiness in our lifes 🙂

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  14. it really seems perfect..nicely written

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  15. You have written it very beautifully and i believe you frequently go on such dates :). What will those do who dont drink tea or coffee ? 🙂

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  16. hmmmmm…perfect, ma’am akhila

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  17. It’s a perfect date!

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  18. Wow. Lovely. 😍 I loved this date. ❤

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  19. Oh my! Am so much honoured! To getting featured in your website🙂 and yeah this is like best thing can happen to any artists, when the reader take it as there own..it completes the efforts of the writer!! Thank you so much Akhila for this stunningly kind gesture🙂


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  20. Perfection. Hugging my lady that way is dream I want to come true.

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