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My speech lessons


Never did I know that I was speaking very fast, that it’s pretty difficult for the listeners to follow me. And when in school, I started to hear my friends teasing on my speed, and you know, I was the biggest chump to accept it as a golden feather on my cap . And so never did I change until I reached the corporate world. There, when I have to take trainings and all, my manager asked me to record and listen to my own voice. So I recorded and heard my own voice.. oh..no.. Nothing more to say…my powerful voice (note the powerful ;)..) appeared like a hurricane.

If we start to identify our falls and a take deliberate move initially, our mind will be tuned accordingly and no doubt that it will be in our hands naturally after a period.

My speed story started to change from the very first moment I listened my own speech. And I’m quite confident on the cautious steps I took. Even if I may not still fit into the common man’s speed every now and then, I have no doubt that I am audible and clear now. Because now, atleast I could feel whenever my speed is firing up. So a natural prevention (not any more deliberate, it comes in naturally) happens which was missing in the past as never could I detect the fastness.

Author: Akhila

Akhila is a self-motivated life-long learner and a self-published author.. She posts technical articles on her blog qualitynotion.com. She runs a personal blog, wordsandnotion.com where she writes about everything from illusion to reality.

78 thoughts on “My speech lessons

  1. Understating the scope of improvement, accepting it and working on it naturally is the way for any corrective action. You have been wonderful in that. Keep going

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  2. Wow ! I wanna hear you speak. Coz I’m too patient to interpret fast speech 😀

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  3. Perhaps you think quickly and try to catch up with your thoughts … better than the opposite, I would think!

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  4. If u r on Instagram follow @dark_love_9095

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  5. Oh my! This made me remember one of my horrible experiences way back. Speech was one of my required classes, since I study in U.S. People used to laugh at my Indian accent whenever I gave speeches in that class. I had to train myself out of embarrassment to speak in the so called “American accent”, which I’m good with now!
    Nice post by the way.. loved the quote!

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  6. Same problem with me. They say i speak as if I am a road runner….

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  7. Haha haaa just kidding

    Productivity is your mantra I believe !

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  8. Loved it ‘…whenever my speed is firing up.’ Thank God! could catch up with the written words! 😉

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  9. That is a good.. way. Record yourself and listen . Good idea. .

    I might just do one day because I think my voice puts off people 😎😎

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  10. Hahaha so nice to hear ones voice and then rectify on it. Good.

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  11. you must record and out your speech here so that we can listen to you.. also, I am sure that understanding our own flaws only takes us to be better in life.

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  12. A good speaker always gives the audience the time to think on the sentences as part of the speech delivery..so am happy you have slowed down, Akhila…

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  13. Rate of speech is equal rate of speed of thought, so faster the thought, faster the speed, same with typing!

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  14. Haahaa…thank god then that here we can read your words instead listening..😉 but yes,a very good post stating to be a successful person because i always believe the one who act to learn towards his weakness will be a successful one.👍

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  15. Hahaha…. Watch out for the Akhila express! 😂😜

    I never had a speed problem, however the few times I heard my own recorded voice, I can tell you that I did not like it at all! 😂😂😂 I still wonder why my teachers made me take part in elocution competitions and plays in school. 🙈😂

    I still remember giving a speech and singing some patriotic songs on the last day of school. I was made to do it, even though I kept declining to do it! I told the teacher it would be the last day of school, she can’t force me to do anything. Apparently I was wrong, because it turns out I was still afraid to go to the principal’s office and say no. 😂😂😂

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  16. When we find others sailing in the same boat, guess, it makes us happy.

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  17. I went through the same .. I was told I have a very high rate of speech and I speak without intonation. I had to record my voice listen to it and do a lot of work and I still believe that needs a lot of improvement

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  18. I too used to speak very fast. Once w I had to introduce a speaker on the dias. Later everyone was asking me why I went off like the super fast Rajdhani express. Now I conscious about the my speedometer when I speak😉😉

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  19. You should have posted two voice samples from past and present to enable us to appreciate better 🙂 :).

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  20. This has made me think about the speed of my speech. I wonder if people think I speak fast.

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