Words and Notion

Words Whipping up Whimsical Waves of Notion

Challenge Your Brain




Author: Akhila

Flying across the space between words and whipping up whimsical waves of notion to discern the quantum code of my soul.

26 thoughts on “Challenge Your Brain

  1. he he…let me ask my brain..

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  2. ha ha.. what i wrote is just opposite to your ennui..

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  3. Hey!! Good morning,
    I’ve nominated you for 3 days quote challenge.Feel free to participate.:)

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  4. And that’s when I got my traveling gear on then realized what the heck I am too lazy & afraid to try

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  5. I can relate myself to it bieng a sales & marketing professional,i cannot work in a monotous way always without having something different and exciting on my mind.Challenges bring excitement towards tasks breaking shackles of monotous way of work.

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  6. Look around you and catch new ideas of how to do better…or simply it might be a sign to move unto something new…don’t be afraid to step out but don’t beat yourself up while trying to figure out what next challenge you want to take up. Cheers!!

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  7. hahaha…so, that is the problem? monotony by itself could be a big challenge

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  8. Up the game. Monotony can be tiresome.

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  9. Welll change is good.. but and that is a big BUT from experience I can tell you that we feel comfortable when we are doing the same routine..😀😀

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  10. Hmmm…the brain needs motivation and challenges to function better.

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  11. Agree. When everything is fine we are bored of the monotonous tasks. But, if there happens an incident/ accident, because of which life goes topsy turvy, you start missing your mundane work. So I believe routine means all is well 😀

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  12. This is the sad reality Akhila.. Full of irony.. We seem to torture ourselves when it comes to the tasks that we must do and we are so bored of them at the same time… I have experienced it many a times in my life.. It can actually become very dangerous and can have adverse effects on our mental health.

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  13. Yea but still grateful to be doing something.

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