Words and Notion

Observe, Don't just see

Raising the curtains


I was charged like an electron to shock anyone

when people applauded on my brainpower.

I was overwhelmed in proudness to envy anyone

when every data danced in the way I sang.

My proudness touched the boundary of universe

when I solved toughest of tough problem.



But I failed to read the enigmas of the world

The material world of pains and worries.

I failed to detach the fake belief and it adopted

The whole world as it is seen in my eyes.

I failed to read the harsh realities outside my walls.

My mistake to misread it as the real world.

Now, I realise I was an empty shell so far, which

Failed to catch the lives outside my curtains.

Author: Akhila

Akhila is the founder and sole contributor of wordsandnotion.com and qualitynotion.com. A self motivated life long learner who loves to decode signs from the universe. Her weirdness is totally aligned with her real life stories and thought experiments. She is the author of “Know them, One answer to many questions” (a General Knowledge book) and “I Had a Crush - The 17 Kinks” (A free ebook of 17 short stories)

61 thoughts on “Raising the curtains

  1. Being empty and nothing is sheer bliss !

    Beautiful write !😊

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  2. Not your fault, work is topsy-turvy these days!

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  3. isolation is the best companion… i presume!!

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  4. This is written wonderfully.

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  5. “I failed to detach the fake belief and it adopted”— realistic thought 🙂

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  6. One cannot live and prosper in isolation. You have to remove the curtains sometime. Being proud isn’t a bad thing if it doesn’t blind your judgement about yourself and others.

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  7. isn’t that beautiful that someone sees something in us more than just what meets the eye. someone appreciates the efforts we make to be loving and kind to others . to me a person who works on their personality and heart is the best human, no matter how little progress they make they are always ahead of the ones who are stuck with materialistic thoughts

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  8. Lovely words to chargeup on Monday blues..lol!though the words giving me a hint that the writer is an software engineer..🙏😊

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  9. Very thoughtful 😊
    Pride blinds us all

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  10. Shell again? How come it is empty! It was full last time and needed a bell to break it to explore more..

    Morning kutties😍

    Liked by 2 people

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