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Statistics reveals that mother is the primary care giver for more than four out of five children in a single parent family.

And why not father?

Of course biological aspects are there advantageous to a mother. But above to that why cant father create that intimacy with their kids..? (of course there are, I know. But my point is considering the total percent). 

What’s the mind block with those fathers who fail to grow up their children in a  single parent family..? Or is it all played by the law..? Or is it like he is incapable to grow his child alone..?

Author: Akhila

Akhila is a plant-woman breathing poetries, a self motivated life long learner decoding signs from the universe and a blogger bleeding out all the intoxicated imperfections of her soul through words. Her works have been featured in several online publications and anthologies. She is the founder and sole contributor of wordsandnotion and qualitynotion.

56 thoughts on “Question of the day

  1. I have no clear answers on this. My first thought is Men don’t get that initial bond that Mothers do with their children. It is a culture thing too. Each story is unique- not all Mothers are willing to put aside their personal feelings when it comes across to their children’s fathers. There are good men out there and lost men. The same can be said for women and all Genders.

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  2. In this country I think it’s just social history. Many fathers I know that fight to get their kids and would make the better parent, sometimes do, but it’s much dependent on the judge. It can be a coin toss….and totally unfair.

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  3. Its a topic I want to read about. Single parent is difficult.

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  4. Law and nature as equally responsible I guess… And of course men are always portrayed as self-centred and selfish and women as more sacrificing… Sometimes reality can be very different, men might die for their children and women may prostitute them….

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  5. he always buusyy with work…..

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  6. Father can do well , but can’t compete mothers , nature have defined few roles . No doubt human have manipulated nature and ruled her.

    It’s like water flows, sun is hot, moon is calm , ice is cold.

    You can’t question every element has its own properties.

    Mothers have thier own, father’s have thier own. They can swipe thier role for sometimes as Stepney.

    They both have their equally good different competencies.

    That’s what I can share with you as my personal opinion.

    I always said I believe. Handling both home and office. Today’s modern life of women is tougher then ever.

    I salute to all working womens , since working professionally does not mitigate your responsibility to words home.

    All working women are not women they are super women.

    May be I am out of context , please adjust.


  7. Maybe the children will cramp his style. Raising kids is not easy and except where the mother is incapable mentally, financially etc, society deems it that the children are better off with their mothers.

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  8. Society has an assumption that the mother is the best person to bring up the children in a single family – which is probably usually true. It means that some fathers do not challenge for custody in a divorce, for example, assuming that they would always lose. I did bring up my children myself after divorce, but I was fairly unusual!

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  9. It’s something seriously wrong with our society but modern day Father’s are doing great job these days

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  10. I managed to bring up my son quite well after his mother passed away when he was very young – he is now 30years old and happy. But I agree with the general feeling that a court of Law seems to believe that a child will do much better with its mother than its father. I’m not sure why, a lot of gender preconceptions confuse me 🙂 Great post.

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  11. Thats why A hard fought battle for justice for fathers.. In uk. And now finally the law gives equal respect to both parents.

    Its a myth that kids will be better with mums only .. I don’t beleive in it.

    Both parents are equally important.

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  12. Well, since a mother bears the child, goes through hell to deliver it and then feeds it, one assumes that she has a bond with the child that the father possibly doesn’t have. True, but not completely.
    I’ve seen fathers care for their children lot more, as babies too. I’ve seen my cousins sit all night with their babies while their wives slept away peacefully.
    Yes, the law is majorly at fault while deciding that the mother is the primary caregiver. Not all mothers pamper their kids too. Fathers have a marked intimacy which doesn’t come out easily since they don’t express just as much.

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  13. hmmm…the statistics what you mentioned is right, and agree with you till the second last paragraph…

    “But above to that why cant father create that intimacy with their kids..? (of course there are, I know. But my point is considering the total percent)” . – who says so?? who says fathers cant create intimacy with their kids?? though such perceptions, of course exist!

    “What’s the mind block with those fathers who fail to grow up their children in a single parent family..” – who says there is a mental block??

    “Or is it all played by the law..?” – well, this could be a probable reason, the law tends to favour the mothers, leaving the fathers look after ‘only’ the ‘secondary care’ aspects – maintenance & so on!

    “Or is it like he is incapable to grow his child alone..?” – well, this is a leading question. disagree (such capability / incapability is gender -free)

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  14. In a mood to fight, if you want an opposite side of the spectrum!

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  15. I think it’s played by law. I had seen disputed family years ago. The court has given all the three kids to their mamma and father could spend only a day or two in a week whereas father was willing to keep anyone his kids with him. But nope. He got stressed a lot and paralysed within an year at the age of 30 and lost his another side in next two years. Then went to coma and he lived for 40days it seems. He ended up for the love he had for his kids.

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  16. Hurt people hurt people especially people who hide their pain and can not, or do not feel Worthy of necessary help. Father never learned to be a father. Father never learned to be a responsible adult. Father never learned how to look inwards to find truth about his love failures with women. And the list goes on.. we all have a list of problems right. People can’t or don’t do shit bc they can’t or won’t. In fathers case it’s both. “Boo-hoo sad story, Black American Dad story” -Drake


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