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Hit hard on the first attempt itself so that your opponent wont be arisen as a phoenix bird.





(I know, I will be crucified if I don’t add the context along with this quotes..yes, on a wrestling ring..Did you think something else..? )

Author: Akhila

Akhila is a plant-woman breathing poetries. She loves to decode signs from the universe. Akhila is the founder and sole contributor of wordsandnotion and qualitynotion. She bleeds out all the intoxicated imperfections of her soul through her blog and twitter handle.

45 thoughts on “Notion of the day

  1. okay i thought the corporate girl is sharing her strategy :). Listen all my posts got deleted is there some way i can get it back.

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  2. Yeah agreed
    Attacking first is the good way of defense. We all know, it’s absolutely correct in context to the wrestling.

    Can I go out of context if you permit.

    In judo , We have to be with the energy which is being exhibited by the opponent. Just absorbed or flow with the energy who is attacking don’t resist . Other wise it will hurt you more.

    Once upon a time In China two people were fighting on the road, and crowd gathered . Both of them were ready with the punch with each attack each other and shouting with anger , any moment any one can attack first.

    People were curious to know who will attack first , since morning to afternoon then it reached to the evening. Crowd was waiting for them to see who give the first punch.

    But both of them was in control ready for the fight , but no one want to attack first.

    Opposite to the attacking is the best policy of defense.

    Moral of the story is attacking is sign of the weaker .

    Crowd was waiting for the first punch . One who punched first means lost the fight. Then there is no need to stay till last.

    In real life too, only weaker personality gets angry and become frustrated.

    Patience is the weapon of wise and stronger. Attacking first is the symptoms of weaker. I know this is out of context.

    In wrestling hopefully attacking is the best policy of defense.

    But in life why to attack any one ? Why should we have fear ?

    Just contemplate …

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    • thanks a lot for your views.. and I do really respect that..it was just a random thought..found someone hitting ‘hard’ another, so that the opponent never rise again..and it made me to write it.. if you hit, hit first and hit hard..that ‘hard’ is also important, so that you are not giving a chance to your opponent at all..

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  3. Motivation for every day battle☺👍

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  4. Of course I did! A wrestling ring never came to my mind 😀
    I think I like it more out of its context lol

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  5. Wrestling or otherwise…make sure the opponent doesn’t rise up again. 😈😈😈

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  6. Isn’t that boring? If you hit hard and don’t allow your opponent to rise again, then where is the fun in the game? 😉

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  7. hahaha (comments reserved for now)

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  8. apppol pedi undalle.. ! and the fight begins.. I’m wearing red

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