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Never be a workaholic..


never be a workaholic..

Words and Notion

When I joined the IT industry, had so many butterfly dreams as many others.. .

Getting a word of appreciation, being motivated, showing a mark of uniqueness etc , etc.. the list goes on.

My dreams were built upon my motto. And no doubt, that I was pretty happy even under my tight schedule and work pressure. But later on, experiences proved that my motto was not adequate in a professional world. It lacked a BUSINESS EYE.

Let me share a few lessons which I experienced.  I am quite sure that whatever may be the profession, a business eye is the most essential thing required.

  1. Give and Take policy : When you offer ‘x’ to someone today, ensure that you get 2X tomorrow
  2. Never allow others to take your shoe until you get a better one.
  3. Understand that Managers are always “Managers”. Every manager will have a business eye upon your talents…

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Author: Akhila

Flying across the space between words and whipping up whimsical waves of notion to discern the quantum code of my soul.

65 thoughts on “Never be a workaholic..

  1. Nice post like it 🙂 ❤
    i like your article somuch ..
    thanks for share it ..
    Come , Visit And Review My Article My Friend 🙂

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  2. Good to read. Please elaborate third point…

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  3. present ma’m. have nothing to say!

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  4. This is too much Akhila do you really mean all those principle in your life.

    These principles really inspired you ?

    Are they really part of your professional life ?

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  5. Well this is something I have to completely agree with you .. I was working for a tech giant. When I was there all I saw was people who were living a boring life, who worked only for money who were bored of the Monday to Friday routine and were so excited about the weekend. Their life is simple caffeine to keep them productive during the weekend and alcohol to pretend and convince themselves they are happy. When I went closer and tried to understand them scratching their happy face make overs off I understood their life was more boring than mine. They weren’t truly happy. They were working because they are forced to . They bought expensive phones, cars and houses to show off before others and they were working to pay their bills. So with the bills every month knocking your door they couldn’t think of a life beyond that and have to settle for what they get including tolerating insults from their managers. When they describe their life all that’s there is money. They don’t have anything different than the other. No experiences to share, no desire to read write or travel. Never learnt to play a musical instrument all they do is to complain they have a boring life. I decided to stay away from that mechanical life they live. We started a small start-up which is going pretty good but yes it’s not that easy being an entrepreneur without a strong financial background so that is not everyone’s cup of tea. It’s not as easy at it looks like. So apart from this I decided to follow my heart and chose a job I like and again everything comes with a price, I had to lose something beautiful .. it’s never really what it looks like.

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  6. Wow.. So much gyaan. Good good 😀

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  7. I tried my stint at it and I know I can’t work under anyone. I was too dedicated an employee which is never good.
    The last option works best for people who can actually afford to take the leap!

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  8. Very well said ❤
    My personal life is more important than my work life, and it always come first. You know why? Because at work you're nothing but a number to your management

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