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Electromagnetic mind


I woke up at 2 AM. Was very thirsty. Took my water bottle from the bedside table. Damn it.. no water at all. Being hesitant to go to kitchen, I tried to make my eyes asleep. But didn’t work. Eyes are wide open awaiting water. So got up and went to kitchen. Filled my water bottle and took a sip.

shhhh.. Opposite wall is shining. Why is that light coming from that wall? I didn’t switch on any lights as I had already kept some dim-light on before going to sleep. Now the light has come completely out of the wall. It is coming towards me. But it dint’ has any legs. But felt it moving. Or was it floating in air?

My loud mouth stopped talking, even couldn’t utter a single word. My eyes didn’t blink at all. I was on Goosebumps. I too felt myself floating in the air. I asked my mind to keep calm. To my wonder, my mind was not anywhere there. It had escaped to some physics classes of Electromagnetic waves in search of light.

Something in the shape of a hand trying to touch me. I felt, it was trying to shake my hands. Being driven by some unknown forces, I too took my hands and greeted it. All of a sudden I experienced a resonance. Yes, that wave had my own frequency because it was my missing mind itself..



NB: Please excuse me if I irritated you with my wandering mind. 😉


Author: Akhila

Flying across the space between words and whipping up whimsical waves of notion to discern the quantum code of my soul.

42 thoughts on “Electromagnetic mind

  1. Ha ha.. you have so many devilish saintly friends like me.. don’t worry..


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  3. Brilliantly written!
    I completely adore your clarity and research on the midnight story😀. Only you can think of all the EM waves during the midnight😀. 😉

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  4. Perhaps you dreamt about an alien ? 😉 Funny read Akhila !

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  5. different reading experience 🙂

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  6. This is really a new work. A different taste which is rarely found. The way you related science is great. Awesome work. Liked it. 🙂

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  7. Akhila! I am real! There is no aura! And I don’t have hands to stretch!!!!… O K, Seriously, What you written is ‘Science- flash-fiction’ Please read :https://blog.jeffcolemanwrites.com/. If you share this to Jeff Coleman on his fb page he would love it! And, from my end, I am willing to publish it in the forthcoming issue of thewagonmagazine

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  8. What did yu smoke/drink before yu went to sleep? Clear side effects.. 😀

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  9. Paranormal activity😂


  10. You definitely are reaching a new level

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  11. Oh ! Science made scaring easy 😀


  12. Do you saw conjuring part 2 movie? I think movie impact on your mind ;p

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