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Smile of a short guy


How hurt he would have been when she just teased him upon his height!

He is a short guy (indeed not a dwarf), but with a cute smile.

That lady asked him, “Are you getting shorter day by day?”

He just acknowledged with his usual pleasing smile..

Again she commented, “Dwarfs are also required in this world, Right?”

Again he simply smiled…

Was he really smiling.. I donno.. 😦


Author: Akhila

Flying across the space between words and whipping up whimsical waves of notion to discern the quantum code of my soul.

78 thoughts on “Smile of a short guy

  1. Loved the way he handled it.

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  2. From a different perspective… Perhaps he was around and happy she was complementing him.. For he doesn’t occupy and waste the premium space in this world being unnecessarily tall. Why doubt his smile at all??

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  3. The lady needs to learn some manners from the short guy!

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  4. Reblogged this on Words and Notion and commented:

    He is still smiling..


  5. Well, some people are like that – better to answer with a smile (either way) ☺️

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  6. That was a funny post. I like to see dwarfs in stories, its makes me smile. Gastradamus has been of the grid, but we have a new post called, “An inconvenient Wizz and if you have the time, please comment that way we know what you think. Keep it going

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  7. Heart touching….yes dwarfs are also part of the world

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  8. Akhila, Short but tall; Short but deep! 🙂

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  9. hey
    nominated you for the liebster award.
    do check and participate 🙂


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  10. I have a guy friend who is really short and yes, with a cute smile 😊 Reminded me of him 😊 Emotions portrayed well 😊

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  11. Loved it. I am also that kind of person, yes short and always ‘put’ a smile whenever I face such a situation (yes of course, will face daily).

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  12. Hey Akhila,I nominated you for the three day quote challenge..Would be glad if you accept it..the link is https://sunnshhine.wordpress.com/2016/04/29/quote-14/..have fun 🙂

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  13. This is true but also I think short people are adorable ☺ I’m tall and trust me it’s not that cool 😪🙈

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  14. Epic topic! I mean we don’t usually see this type of poem whose concept in beyond the thinkings. Loved it! I want to see more 🙂 😉

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  15. So bad on the part of lady and what a patience that boy projects. At times it’s good to avoid those nasty people than be in useless arguments. That smile was probably the win of his will to never bothered by these kind of people 🙂

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  16. Omg… this poem describes me.. My parents and friends keep taunting me about my height. People dont know what their words do to other.
    Love the post

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  17. I hope that it wasn’t a grimace? Now that was very insensitive of her.

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  18. Beautiful piece of words..speaks volumes..

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  19. Some people………. leave me feeling mad!

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  20. The world is indeed filled with people who like to make fun of others just because they are different……I know exactly how it’s feels to be different just love the way…u wrote this piece😘

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  21. Certain things are God gifted and we should respect that rather than ridiculing someone about it. But I guess some people forget that…

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  22. Ab to aadat si ho gayi hai jee lene ki…
    This line of the song suits appropriately. Very well presented.

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  23. He smiles because he doesn’t care or consider those words worthy!

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  24. wow… this is superb!!

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