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Give comfort to your co-traveller



Give comfort to your co-traveller.

Don’t think too much. I meant the actual co- traveller in your car itself.

Imagine you got a lift from your friend’s cousin, and you are not familiar with him/her.

Then how uncomfortable will it be if that person is not at all talking to you during travel.

You might feel so restless to travel with such a person, and feel just like put in an undeserved place.

(And the same situation plays even while travelling with a familiar one too)

Now imagine yourself as that friend’s cousin and think how you will act with your co- traveller..


Author: Akhila

Flying across the space between words and whipping up whimsical waves of notion to discern the quantum code of my soul.

46 thoughts on “Give comfort to your co-traveller

  1. If it is in case of a stranger, it is not much needed to give a talk. It is okay if they give a greeting smile and welcoming situations. It would be completely weird , when we are treated like a person from prison. :-D..A good thought..:-)

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  2. Reblogged this on wwwpalfitness.

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  3. That’s why they invented phone, music, music player and earphones. Dream to neverland and less awkwardness 🙂

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  4. We are designed as social creatures. It seems strange to abstain from a inherently natural interaction. We often worry about what other people think. If each of us is happy with our “true selves”, we need not worry about others who may judge. This view of life would make shared rides less stressful and more enjoyable.

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    • Thank you. yes it is strange with some people who hesitate to interact, but this is not a rare scenario here. i donno what they are holding tightly, without revealing, seems they are afraid that they will reveal their secrets if interacted..
      As you said, if each us could be comfortable with our true selves, the environments would be less stressful.

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  5. Did you read my 3 part series named Lift?

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  6. Good post.Self introduction or offering a water can be a better idea to start the interaction. It creates friendly environment.

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  7. Yes.. It all starts with a small introduction. It just needs a start.

    It really feels disappointing to travel without talking with co-travellers. We should learn communication from auto-walas. They never leave their customers without telling a story in their mind..

    Have a good day.. 🙂

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    • Thank you Jackie. As you rightly said, it is very disappointing and awkward to travel without talking with co-travellers. Happy that you too share the same feeling. Did you have any such experiences..?

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      • You are welcome Akhila.. Experiences! Many! One of the good experiences is when we toured Rajasthan. The toofan driver who took us to different temples (almost half a dozen) was very communicative. He told everything about his family and his passion for driving. He has been driving from 15 years and even though he owns 3 cars of his own, he still prefers driving. May be that’s why he charges more.
        But that was a good experience.

        Have a good time. 🙂

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  8. Interaction! how about you?

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