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Is first impression the best impression?


Do you think that first impression is the best impression?

In my opinion first impression cannot be the best impression. But I do agree that it matters a lot especially when you have limited time to evaluate a person, say for example during an interview, during conferences etc.

First impression is normally based on physical appearances or some momentary tasks or some pleasant talks. Is it good enough to judge a person?

If a person is dressed well, do you think that he is neat and clean? If you see that person daily in well attire, then it matters.

Other than that, just seeing a well-dressed person, one cannot rate that person as the best in dressing.

Similarly vice versa.

Suppose a stranger behaved rudely at you on a particular day. You happened to see him again after a few days. Don’t just try to evaluate him simply based on the previous day events. There may be many reasons behind that incident.

If there is something in one’s mind, always there is a tendency to connect the succeeding events to that. Many a times it leads to wrong conclusions. But when we are able to understand the reality, there is no much role to be played by the first impression.

I want you to disagree with me and raise your points for a heated debate…


Author: Akhila

Flying across the space between words and whipping up whimsical waves of notion to discern the quantum code of my soul.

73 thoughts on “Is first impression the best impression?

  1. hey..interesting topic. read thru the comments also…but ma’am, much as I would like to disagree with you, i cant, for you are absolutely right….

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  2. First impression is not really a best impression , if you ask me, since life is nothing about getting learned. so it obviously takes many choices. How will be the mother’s feel when she sees her baby for the very first time? will she judge it by its appearance or by considering the baby as one in her family? think! if she judges the baby at the very first instant when she sees, then i would say that she is not a quality mother. Like that, folks of different varieties must not be immediately judged. There is a huge impact on the concerned person’s life, if it was the case. It spreads rumors unnecessarily and finally the world around tend to neglect all the splendid characters of one’s. Only when we are contented , we will stop finding evils on others and once it is done, automatically life drives us to visage all the stuffs positively.

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  3. “First Love” by Charles Bukowski

    At one time
    when I was 16
    a few writers gave me
    my only hope and

    my father disliked
    books and
    my mother disliked
    books (because my father
    disliked books)
    especially those I brought back
    from the library:
    D.H. Lawrence
    A. Huxley
    Sinclair Lewis

    I had my own bedroom
    but at 8 p.m.
    we were all supposed to go to sleep:
    “Early to bed and early to rise
    makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise,”
    my father would say.

    “LIGHTS OUT!” he would shout.

    then I would take the bed lamp
    place it under the covers
    and with the heat and hidden light
    I would continue to read:
    Conrad Aiken

    they gave me a chance and some hope
    in a place of no chance
    no hope, no feeling.

    I worked for it.
    it got hot under the covers.
    sometimes the sheets would begin to smoke
    then I’d switch the lamp off,
    hold it outside to
    cool off.

    without those books
    I’m not quite sure
    how I would have turned
    raving; the
    murderer of the father;

    when my father shouted
    I’m sure he feared
    the well-written word
    in our best and
    most interesting

    and it was there
    for me
    close to me
    under the covers
    more woman than woman
    more man than man.

    I had it all
    I took it.


  4. Not matter what the first impression might be but it will always come’s down to the point how the person in front of interact and respect our aspects..:) Wonderfully written..:)

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  5. A first impression makes a lasting impression but not necessarily have to be the best…..I guess 🙂

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  6. We are not here to fight with you Baby !

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  7. Last impression.. that they leave would be best impression. For few, first wud be their last. Hope I confused you 😀

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  8. A first impression is the most impactful thing in business but in social life I think you do get a second chance at a first impression because people meet again and again and they get to make better and more informed decisions on whether their first impression was correct….

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  9. What you have said is true but for me my instinct plays an important part.

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  10. That statement is more applicable in a corporate world I think. I dunno how eligible I’m to talk about it as I just entered this world. But the first class we got here was about it. The impressions. The trainer said, “The first impression is the lasting impression, not the best”. I think this is more accurate. Sometimes even in the personal life, we remember the first impression we had about some people. In my case, many of my friends told me that, the first impression they had about me was I’m a very silent person, with some sort of ‘air’. And that changed later, when they got to know me better.(Cuz I’d like to observe, analyze and evaluate first) The first impression is not something that won’t change, but definitely something that lasts for quite sometime, until we get to now that person better. 🙂

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    • Your trainer is correct. i too go with him.. The first impression is lasting, but many not be the best. thanks for your feedback Aisha.. So how are you doing with your new world..?

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      • You’re most welcome..
        My new life is all about blending in, hanging out with people, making professional/personal connections, learning things for life and work, etc etc. It’s mostly about people. I just learned that the time of sitting in my comfort zone is over. This is the time to go out and seek, learn. I learn a lot of things everyday.
        Sorry I’m blabbering 😀 Anyway I got some really cool friends and colleagues to enjoy my life here. Hope it all lasts.. 🙂 Right now I’m in training, by May 20th I’ll be officially an employee of this company, hopefully.

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  11. I go by vibes.. Clothes and cleanliness do matter at times, but the few first vibes I gather from a person has been spot on.. !

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  12. I am learning not to jump to conclusions or to judge a book by its cover. A lot of cliche’s used here, but it would be wrong to summarize someone just based on a first encounter.

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  13. It all depends on what is about the meeting with this person. Romantically I think first impression matters. It’s a no no or yes yes. But still not everything.
    If it for a business purpose then first imression is far from what you getting like you said it only be based on the outlook of person!

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    • Thank you Seb . As you said, romantically , there could be a role to be played by first impression : the so called first sight love. in fact which is the most dangerous conclusion in my opinion. But there are many people going behind that..

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  14. I don’t think there’s a choice really. Because scientifically a person judges another in less than four seconds and this is something largely genetic. As far as I understand, though it is wrong to assess someone’s worth based on your first impression, it is not something you can control – perception whether good or bad will happen. You can only alter the impression later on so as to do justice to that person later on. 🙂

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  15. I had a point but reading the ‘heated debate’ scared me 🙈
    So not putting it forth. 😝

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  16. I agree with you Akhila… First impressions are not always right!

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  17. I think first impressions count a lot. you are more likely to gain more from a good first impression than a bad one. A bad first impression requires effort and hard work to gain some credibility or acceptance. That is my 2 cents worth 😀


  18. It varies depending upon personal and professional life. When it comes to professional, it is going to be purely business and
    nothing personal so first impression matters with personality, dressing and the way we talk. When it comes to personal,
    first impression leads to curiousity and result’s vary depending upon the person. So conclusion vary depending upon the person and his expectation.

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  19. I do not jump to conclusions when it comes to another individual. According to me, it takes time to realize the true persona of any individual. Having said that, not everything depends on looks and how the person dresses; there’s much more to know before you think you know about a person. Nice points you have presented here and well articulated.

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    • Thanks amitav for expressing your feelings. I go with you as I mentioned in the post. Quick judgments will lead to wrong conclusions. I prefer to be in my comfortable attire and I believe it’s not too bad in a second person’s eye.


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