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Never be a workaholic..


When I joined the IT industry, had so many butterfly dreams as many others.. .

Getting a word of appreciation, being motivated, showing a mark of uniqueness etc , etc.. the list goes on.

My dreams were built upon my motto. And no doubt, that I was pretty happy even under my tight schedule and work pressure. But later on, experiences proved that my motto was not adequate in a professional world. It lacked a BUSINESS EYE.

Let me share a few lessons which I experienced.  I am quite sure that whatever may be the profession, a business eye is the most essential thing required.

  1. Give and Take policy : When you offer ‘x’ to someone today, ensure that you get 2X tomorrow
  2. Never allow others to take your shoe until you get a better one.
  3. Understand that Managers are always “Managers”. Every manager will have a business eye upon your talents. With a few inspiring words, a manager could easily convert you talents to profit. Ensure you also get your share of profit. If you believe your managers blindly, you are lost.
  4. Do protest when you are sure of positive results. Otherwise quietly quit.
  5. The last, but the most important is ‘why don’t you think about becoming your own boss’.. Be an entrepreneur..

Author: Akhila

Akhila is a plant-woman breathing poetries. She loves to decode signs from the universe. Akhila is the founder and sole contributor of wordsandnotion and qualitynotion. She bleeds out all the intoxicated imperfections of her soul through her blog and twitter handle.

53 thoughts on “Never be a workaholic..

  1. Hmmmm good pointers for sure.. and the last point to be your own boss is brilliant if one can do ..

    I am working on that fingers crossed. . Although the company I work for its been 17 years with them.. I have become part of the furniture it seems…😀

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  2. Very interesting post ! I can easily see a marketeer in some people in IT industry ! Relocatable !

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  3. I tried my stint at it and I know I can’t work under anyone. I was too dedicated an employee which is never good.
    The last option works best for people who can actually afford to take the leap!

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    never be a workaholic..


  5. Lesson learnt and noted, Thanks for sharing the value able things.

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    Have a business Eye

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    Be an entrepreneur..!

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  8. I guess many of us are scared to step into the unknown world of an enteprenuer. But i believe letting go of all the “ifs” will help. Insightful post, Akhila.

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  9. I have nominated you for the ‘Versatile Blogger Award’ (https://randomboutsandthoughts.wordpress.com/2016/03/18/seven-facts-about-me/). Would you be interested?

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  10. Good one! Action should define us!

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  11. It takes a little courage to stand “outside the box” and take on the world. Those with integrity and a strong work ethic will find the experience rewarding. It’s not easy, but most things in life we find worthwhile require persistence and great energy.


    • yes. It’s not easy. Infact from my experience, it’s easy to be dedicated and hardworking if that attitude is there in one’s blood. Even it’s not difficult to be unique if there is passion. My point was on the business side of it. it’s not that easy. There is a saying, crying baby gets milk first’

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  12. 5) become leader without title. i mean be a leader in whatever role u play .. time tested thing. you will grow ..
    ofcourse you are hired for making profits, for ur skills to be utilised .. if its a win – lose situation then whats the use. both parties should gain ..

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  13. I experienced 3rd and 4th today…appraisal time!

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  14. Loved it! This seems so true in IT industry. Thing is, the managers just do their job. But it takes a while for a fresher entering this ‘fancy world in disguise’ to realize the tactics to survive in the industry.

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    • Yes.. Absolutely true.. it takes much time for a fresher to understand the politics in an IT world. And once she/he starts realizing it, it would be much much late..


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